How to Get Leads For Merchant Cash Advance

In this video, we share a tremendous success story from one of Merchant Cash Advance clients who continues to experience realtime hot leads. When they first reached out to us, they were still relying on direct mail which, as you may know, is experiencing a progressive decline.

When one of our clients first approached us, they were having some pretty serious problems with their marketing campaigns.

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Best Financial Advisor Marketing Strategies To Fill Up Your Seminars And Workshops

In this video, we focus on one key component of social media marketing for Wealth Managers and Financial Advisors: Facebook Ad campaigns. This strategy is flooding our clients with new leads, and filling up the seats in their financial workshops and seminars for their Financial Advisor Lead Generation Efforts.

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How to sell Merchant Cash Advance?

When selling a highly competitive product such as an MCA, it’s important to understand the type of contact you are in contact with and also understand what stage of their research they are on when it comes to accepting your offer.