Best Financial Advisor Marketing Strategies To Fill Up Your Seminars And Workshops

In this video, we focus on one key component of social media marketing for Wealth Managers and Financial Advisors: Facebook Ad campaigns. This strategy is flooding our clients with new leads, and filling up the seats in their financial workshops and seminars for their Financial Advisor Lead Generation Efforts.

More than 70% of high net-worth individuals come in contact with social media marketing. And, among that number, 55 percent check Facebook at least once a day.

In fact, they’re responding to more Financial Advisor seminar invitations on Facebook than any other platform. This is your opportunity to set up your own Facebook Ad.

The difference in these results versus traditional marketing – like direct mail and radio – is astounding.

If you’re looking to a secure a wealth of hot leads for your next workshop or seminar, let’s connect. Here at Local Marketing Stars, we only accept three to four new clients who are Financial Advisors, Wealth Management Companies or RIA s per month.

This allows us to help our clients achieve exponential growth. Soon, new leads will start raining down on you, too.

Feel free to send us a line today so we can take your social media marketing campaigns to new heights.

To learn more, check out the Case Studies.

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