The biggest problem MCA Brokers Have Right NOW

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One question for you, “What is the biggest problem that merchant cash advance companies are having right now, at this given moment, or any time in the history of their existence?” The problem they say they have are a lack of leads or lack of quality leads. Any MCA company that I have talked to in the past, trained or coached, has always been trained about leads. Whoever I talk to or whoever reaches out to my company always says to us, “Hey man we need more leads. If you only had ten more leads a day, we would have closed this much. If you can get us unlimited leads, no problem, we’ll close more. Do you have a lot of transfers? Do you have data? Do you have past applications? Do you have UCC? Do you have X statements from clients funded before?”

This makes you think that the problem they have is that if they only had more leads which supplies the need for merchant cash advance lead generation. They would be closing more deals if this was the case. Of course, it just makes sense. But I’ll tell you what. That’s not the biggest problem they have, at least for most of them. It is a true statement that some companies need more leads especially if they’re well established with a system in place, only needing to feed more salespeople. But besides them, if they are put to the side, you’ll find that they probably consist of 5% of the market. The remaining 95% of them, don’t have a lead generation problem. They don’t have a lead problem. They have a systems problem.

Why a systems problem?

Here is the scenario that I keep hearing over and over again. One guy or girl reaches out to me or schedules a call and says, “Oz, I work with a provider who specializes in merchant cash advance lead generation . They provided horrible leads to me. They were good in the beginning, but it went bad later down the line. I got 40 leads, and I closed none of them. It made me think that this industry is really saturated. I mean, everyone is in the industry”. Things like that or you hear stories from people who quit the industry and left because they thought it was over saturated. They thought all the leads were dead.

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So here is what happens when you take the responsibility away from yourself and put it on some other things. At that point, it is straightforward to justify what happened. You were excited to get started with merchant cash advance because you saw the potential of making thousands of dollars per deal, then you get your hands on some leads, you’re like awesome! All I have to do is close one and I’ll be making like four or five grand, and that’s just more than 50 grand a year. That’s a lot of money. But the part they don’t really take into consideration is that they don’t have a process to fully nurture those leads. Just because these people are interested in merchant cash advance, doesn’t mean that they’re just sitting back waiting for the paperwork, to send back to you. There is still a process. Don’t forget that this is a real business. This is one of the best businesses out there, but this is a slow business, it needs to be treated that way. Just because you got your hands on something doesn’t mean they’re going to turn into money magically. These people tend to ignore all the warnings.

I usually tell them that on my other videos, you have to understand the industry. You have to know the product, you have to know how to present, it you got to know how to close, and you have to know how to submit it. They go ahead and wing it. They have about 40 leads, and waste all of them. When that happens, a couple of things have happened.

Their belief in the industry and their ability to sell has shattered. Belief in other merchant cash advance lead generation companies, or wherever they get their leads from have shattered. They felt like they’ve been cheated, that this industry is not really that good, you can’t really make money. It’s not that easy, their belief in the product has shattered and now they’re not really sure if merchant cash advance is an excellent product anymore. They then search on Google things like; is merchant cash advance scam? Am I being scammed? And they start blaming certain things such as: Was it the lender who’s taking advantage of me? Was it the marketing company, or is it the person who recommended this to me? Is it my mentor and many other things pop into mind. See what it did to you. It’s like those 30 – 40 leads that you called on and you didn’t get any results out of your belief system has fallen apart in this business. This is what happens when you try to take shortcuts. I believe in shortcuts if it is done the proper way, but not if you’re taking shortcuts because you’re lazy and you don’t want to do the work. I’m not saying you’re lazy, but if that’s the reason, that you want to get a quick win and bypass all the things that all the other success people have been going through, then it’s not on the leads that you have. I mean if you can take the same set of leads and conditions and give it to someone who understands the industry and they would have funded six deals then you wonder what happened, then you feel guilty about yourself.

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Merchant Cash Advance Lead Generation is a thorough process

I’m not trying to blame you or the leads, or the industry, or the marketing company, or anything like that. I’m just saying that the biggest problem for most of you is not the leads. The biggest problem is handling those leads. Specifically not really knowing how to nurture them. I can’t tell you how many times I decline people who want to sign up with our agency for us to manage their ad accounts and do lead generation for them. We would be charging them thousands of dollars, and some of the people are backed up by an investor, and they don’t have any money problem. They come in immediately, but they’re brand-new to the industry, and my response to them is, we will gladly take your money. But the problem that we’re going to have if we fast-forwarded a month from now we’re going to flood you with leads, and you’re just not going to know what to do with them. You’re not going to be able to close those leads. You don’t have the kind of system to follow up, and you’re not going to know what to do. If they ask specific questions then either you’re going to get discouraged or, oh, you’re not going to work with us, and I don’t want to start a relationship like that. I want to be upfront with you, that you’re not ready for that.

The first step is for you to set certain things in place. I understand the hustling part, I understand jumping and then building your wings on the way down. But don’t forget that every business has the rules. Some of the rules you cannot just bend it makes it a lot easier for everyone. If you understand certain things, especially if you know how to generate organic leads. That’s one of the most significant problems. Many of the people who get into this industry through their research, they’ve been pitched right and left about purchasing leads, and they think that’s an easy way out, why don’t I just buy a bunch of leads and close them, and I make a bunch of money. Then with that money, I go buy more leads, and I make more money, and this is a perfect cycle.

But it rarely works that way.

Many times what happens is, you’re starting your business, and you have a finite amount of dollars. Maybe you have $200 or $100, maybe $500, and you spend it all on the leads, and you don’t close anything. They spend all your money, and you don’t have any of the funds left. Now you’re freaking stressed out because you spent all your savings and the money’s gone. Then you start questioning yourself, questioning everything which you should not do. Thinking about what happened or doing a self-assessment is okay, but doubting your ability, doubting this industry, doubting what’s going on and the potential of the industry is not okay. Those are two different things.

That’s why the first thing I suggest you learn is how to get a constant flow of organic leads. Go ahead today, spend two or three hours on the internet and generate five or six or seven leads immediately? Work on that. Once you start funding deals, then when you have that money coming in, you can make it easier for yourself by either working with a company or hiring someone to do that manual merchant cash advance lead generation for you. That’s what I’m trying to say.

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So, is Merchant Cash Advance Lead Generation profitable at all?

Merchant cash advance is one of the most lucrative industries. It still is and will be for the near future. For that reason I want you to consider that. And if you want to find out what some of those organic ways are, I have a habit training program available on merchant cash advance lead generation. The link will be below this video. It’s totally free and it’s only about an hour long. So before you go ahead and click on it, I suggest that you make time for an hour to go through that in one sitting. There’s also an option for you to schedule it for another time tomorrow or the next day. Go through that, try to understand what I mean. Once you go through that, it will make a lot of sense.

My goal is not to bring your mood down regarding this industry. It’s a great business, but I don’t want you to waste your time, I don’t want you to burn your money and not be as successful as you can be in this industry. Anyone can be really successful in this industry as long as you follow the working process, the road map. Merchant cash advance is not a new industry, and it has already been figured out. There’s no reason to try to reinvent the will here. Just follow the working process, and I’ll give you whatever you want. If you want to add another thousand dollars to your income as a side income while you still have your job, awesome! You can do that. If you want to replace your income so you can quit your job and do this, awesome! You can do that in a relatively short amount of time between 30 to 90 days if you follow a perfectly set system. If you want to build a massive business for employee’s office, and in-house sales people, outside salespeople, management levels and be able to fund 10 to 30 million dollars a month, yes you can do that with this business model as well!

In Conclusion

I just wanted to clarify this misunderstanding, misconception about the biggest problem that merchant cash advance companies think they have versus what they really do have. So I want you to take a moment and do a self-assessment as to where you are with this. Go through the training, here is the link:

If you haven’t signed up, if you’re watching this on YouTube, please subscribe to my channel for videos like this and this industry specifically and also check out the link below. Alright and talk to you later.



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