How to Get Leads For Merchant Cash Advance

In this video, we share a tremendous success story from one of Merchant Cash Advance clients who continues to experience realtime hot leads. When they first reached out to us, they were still relying on direct mail which, as you may know, is experiencing a progressive decline.

When one of our clients first approached us, they were having some pretty serious problems with their marketing campaigns.

The problem

For many years, this Merchant Cash Advance relied on direct mail marketing to find new MCA Leads.  In fact, they were spending $84,000 per month on direct mail alone.

As you may already know, there’s been a progressive drop on direct mail response rates.

Today, we’d like to show you how we turned their financial loss into some serious financial gain.
We think this might be the key to unlocking a wealth of new leads for you, too.

Here’s how it works.

The Process

First up, we analyzed all of their direct mail, paid advertising, and email marketing campaigns.

We noticed they were targeting the same audience over and over again.

As a result, they were saturating their market.

So, we gathered all the leads they’d collected through trade shows for the past couple of years and created a customized email marketing campaign.

Then, we created targeted Facebook Ads.

Ready for the results?

The Results

Within 24 hours, our client received 25 new leads.

And these were the kinds of leads that actually took the time to fill out our client’s application.

This initial success generated $99,000 in revenue. And that was just the beginning. At the end of 90 days, our client had 321 new leads in their inbox, fully automated.

If you’d like to wake up to a bunch of hot new leads, too, we should connect for your Merchant Cash Advance Lead Generation Systems and Funnels.

Here at Local Marketing Stars, we only accept three to four new clients per month and we work with MCA, Merchant Processing and Other providers who offer business loans.

This allows us to help our clients achieve exponential growth.

Soon, new leads will start raining down on you, too.

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