How to Market for financial planners?

Top tips on how to market for financial planners

  • Know your audience
  • Create an image of your business in potential clients’ minds.
  • Make potential customers’ decisions easy to make.
  • Know your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Continuously nurture client - customer relationships.
How to Market for financial planners

Here are some financial planner marketing strategies that can be taken advantage of

  •    Identifying the ideal client: As a successful financial planner, one needs to define their ideal customers before embarking on any marketing tactic. It is a crucial step; hence a financial planner should consider their ideal customers as any individual with a high income. Additionally, one needs to define their ideal clients and target audience for them to refine their messaging appropriately.
  •    Developing a story: Sharing a personal story that potential clients can relate to is one of the most effective ways financial planners use to connect with them. The story can be from financial struggles and subsequent journey to financial breakthrough or personal stories from previous clients that have been helped. Creating a story that talks about services offered helps develop a personal connection with potential clients and facilitates trust.
  •    Hosting a customer appreciation occasion: While a lot of marketing takes place online, it does not mean that one should ignore the value of real-world connection. Note that customer appreciation events may be planned in many forms, from simple and casual, to elaborate and formal. They can include lunch and learn occasion where the clients come together for a meal as they gain valuable financial tips offered by the guest speaker.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Who can benefit from the services of a financial planner?

A: Any individual who is looking for financial freedom can benefit from the services of an experienced financial planner.  Financial Planners are required to welcome any client who needs a one-time financial consultation or an advanced opinion and also clients that require a comprehensive and ongoing service. Additionally, a corporation or agency that is seeking world-class, unbiased financial education for their workers or members can also benefit from financial education programs.

Q: Is marketing for financial planners a legitimate practice?

A: Some people claim that no one can find leads for a financial planner online.  One of the worrying aspects that the majority of financial planners have about hiring a marketing agency is the legitimacy of said marketing services. The logical supposition is that if it is hard to get a prominent client with funds to manage, how would it be an easy task for the marketing company? This is because most leads are generated through strategic efforts that only marketers are savvy enough to implement.