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What We Do

Inbound Leads

Best type of leads are the ones who raise their hands and tell you that they want to buy your products.

Web Design

Times have changed.. Your clients won’t make a buying decision without checking your website. Are you ready for them?


Can your customers find you online easily? If you are not visible to your customers when they need your products, you don’t exist for them.

Marketing Automation

Sales take multiple steps. With a proven sales and marketing automation systems in place, your revenue will grow exponentially.

Who We Help?

Merchant Cash Advance

Buying leads, beat-up lists and telemarketing will only take you so far. You need to have a system that brings you consistent inbound leads, so your MCA can survive in this super competitive landscape.

Merchant Processing

Aren’t you tired of selling based on basis points and rate? Having the right marketing system that brings you consistent and high quality leads is the key to exponential growth.

Local Businesses

85% of the consumers are using internet to find local businesses.50% of consumers who conducted a local search on their smartphone visited a store within a day. Are you in front of your customers when they are looking for you?

Our Clients Get Massive Results


Went from $17,500 to $217,435 in one month

Mavi Travel & Org.

sold $425,856 worth of tickets

Cash Advance Company

321 loan applications in 90 days

Our Process

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The Discovery Phase kicks off the start to long-term success. Each client engages with LMS in order to peel apart the various layers a business operates within.



At the heart of every successful marketing strategy is a powerful engine that successfully employs each beat in rhythm.

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The most enjoyable part of a successful marketing campaign? Results! We monitor, optimize and test each avenue we implement, but you don’t have to worry about a thing.

What Our Clients say about us

I wanted to let you know I have had great success in growing my business through the marketing that Local Marketing Stars has provided. I have an unsecured loan program that is not well known by brokers seeking funds for their clients. Through the use of Local Marketing Stars’ program, I was able to expand my LinkedIn connections from 400 to over 2400 in a matter of weeks. This has lead to my being able to sign up numerous brokers interested in taking my funding options to their clients. As a result, I have been able to build up a base of brokers who are supplying clients that are getting funded through my program.

Lee Kramer

Lee Kramer
Lee KramerNextBizLoan

When you’re a teenager people don’t expect incredible things from you so you don’t try to stand out from the crowd. But Oguz Konar taught me important life lessons that allowed me to excell in my student and business life. Without his help I would have never written my first book Saving Catherine, let alone start a business all at the age of 16.

Cenk Demircan
Cenk DemircanVP of Marketing at MMT

Everyone has a dream, everyone wants to do what they love doing and make some money doing it. Sad thing is not everyone can live that dream. My dream was to build a small affordable camping trailer made out of wood. Well, I got to live that dream. Oğuz Konar and his Marketing team made that dream a reality. I am doing what I love doing because of Oguz Konar, without his coaching,  his market skills and his cutting edge tool, my dream would not have come to life. It seems to me Oguz is living his dream. He loves what he does and he is excellent at it.

Thank you for all your help and what you have done for my company.

Umit D.
Umit D.CEO of My Mini Trailer.

Within 3 months of using Local Marketing Stars, I have seen massive growth in both my social media and online presence with no effort on my end. They have created and been managing my entire lead generation system.

Basil Collins
Basil CollinsPresident at Basil Collins Financial Systems

After a short amount of time of working with Oguz and his team, the results were astronomical. The technology he uses and the coaching he provides is absolutely phenomenal. I accredit a great deal of my success to working with him directly.

Roel Patterson
Roel Patterson Owner at EnTek Solutions New York

We have used Oguz’s online marketing services to promote an international comedy show on social media. As a result of his efforts, the show generated more than $675,000 in a matter of one month in sales. I can’t thank him enough. We still use many of his other services on different businesses we own.

Ismail UsluCEO at Mavi Travel

I experienced first hand that Oguz and his team are the true experts when it comes to lead generation and marketing automation for professionals like myself. Not only do they know what people respond to, they also helped me identify my ideal customer through their coaching process.

Elena Korsakova
Elena KorsakovaPresident at EK Global

I recently had the pleasure of working with Local Marketing Stars to build our website.  I’ve worked previously with teams to build websites for small start-ups to major corporations.  My experience with LMS was seamless.  They were very flexible and provided appropriate guidance where applicable.  The project plan was well thought out and benchmarks were hit in a timely fashion.  When issues arose, as they always will in a technical setting, they were addressed with professionalism and patience.  I highly recommend the LMS Team.

Kelly Werth
Kelly WerthMarketing Director at NJ Ortho Services

Oguz was instrumental in helping us navigate the waters of our initial on-line marketing campaigns, making us more efficient and focused and bringing the right systematic approach to the campaigns. He was also very helpful with other more strategic marketing questions we had. We definitely recommend his services.

Federico I.
Federico I.Co-Founder of Aircoinz

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