How To Use Facebook To Grow Your Merchant Cash Advance Business

Have you been leveraging one of the most powerful and targeted marketing strategies available in digital marketing? You know what it is, it is called Facebook. Do you know that Facebook can help you attract prospective clients, drive sales, and secure your spot as the leader in merchant cash advance industry?

Facebook has become a strong marketing tool for all type of businesses, seeing how this social networking platform now boasts around 1.8 billion active monthly users with 1.15 billion of them log into their accounts every day. Hence why there is no doubt that a strong Facebook strategy can yield excellent returns. However there are still a lot of companies do not use Facebook marketing because they are too conservative, or don’t know how to get or track return on investment using this platform. There are also businesses who tapped into this platform but haven’t gain the returns of their dreams or struggling to penetrate markets with Facebook because they don’t understand how to manage it.

Merchant cash advance providers who understand the power of Facebook and have taken the time to test and understand the platform are getting remarkable results from their Facebook marketing. They use it not only as a marketing vehicle for lead generation, increased revenues, but also to stay relevant in the industry and build their brands.

If you are a merchant cash advance provider, here are some basic knowledge about Facebook marketing strategies.


This most popular button on Facebook is a really handy marketing tool. When your friends Share, Like, or Comment on one of your pages/posts, these interactions appear in their friends’ News Feeds. This serves as an introduction and endorsement for your business. These endorsements are more effective than an online ad because the opinions and actions of friends matter more than a random advertising. To track your shares, you can use Page Insights. It’s an analytical Facebook tool that displays your share count per post, as well as which one’s users engaged with most.

Web Traffic

Website traffic is mainly what marketing with Facebook is about. In Facebook, users who visit your site are highly targeted, there is a good chance that they will make an appointment, in which case will turn into leads. To drive referral traffic you must provide great contents. You create engaging posts that relate a story about your services or products and how they can be beneficial, as well as sharing useful advice, or information that solves problems and adds knowledge. Contents with images usually will generate more Likes, Comments, and Shares, following by more web traffic. Site traffic and stats can be tracked with Google Analytics.

Lead Generation

Generating quality sales leads is critical for merchant cash advance providers. This is why it is important to include a call-to-action in your contents. Posting an online application link on Facebook is significantly important for a merchant cash advance lead generation strategy. Potential clients will click the link which connected to your business website, where they have to provide emails and contact numbers when they enter – this turns them into leads, followed by appointments after you contacted them. Use lead generation software to track leads.

Data Mining

Another great benefit of Facebook marketing is that this social network has a wealth of information on its users, allowing FB marketers to mine data and adapt their marketing strategies and brand development by improving web traffic, conversions, and sales strategies. Facebook’s Page Insights gives you valuable demographic information about your fans, such as age, gender, location, and language. It also shows your reach, engagement, page/tab visits, and more.

Paid Ads

Paying for clicks (PPC) is a common Facebook marketing practice. You create an advertisement and it goes live. Every time somebody clicks through to your website via that ad, you pay. Since prospects cannot see your ad when they want to see it, you need to motivate users to click through to your site. Hence why creating various interesting contents is important, because it will attract clicks. When potential customers click through, they should land on a page that is directly related to the ad. This increases the likelihood of a sale.

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