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How to Build an Ultimate Lead Generation Machine For Merchant Cash Advance Companies.

The cash advance industry has emerged as a high-growth, high-profit industry. Yet, for all of the success stories (there are a lot of them), a lot of cash advance merchants are failing, struggling, or simply not growing as fast and as big as they thought they would. Perhaps your merchant cash advanced business is new, or maybe it’s been established for four or five years. Yet the type of growth you initially envisioned -high profit margins, ever expanding revenues- remains elusive. The pathway from zero to multi-million-dollar company exists, but the Merchant Cash Advance industry is highly competitive, sales-oriented, and the failure rate can be quite high.

Let’s go over the basics of securing leads for merchant cash advance companies and outline how you can optimize the whole process.

But before we start, who am I to talk about merchant cash advance marketing?

Well, Local Marketing Stars has helped numerous small businesses achieve seven figure revenues, and high profit margins. We’ve been working with a lot of merchant cash advance companies as of late, and so far the results have been overwhelmingly positive. It doesn’t matter if your company is a new startup, established but struggling, or even if your company is doing quite well, the expertise and industry insights that Local Marketing Stars can provide could lead to tremendous growth for your company.

Pay-Per-Leads: Quick and Easy but Difficult to Scale.

First, most merchant cash advance companies, and especially those that are new to the business, start out by going after the low hanging fruit. The merchant purchases some “pay per lead” lists, usually consisting of emails and/or phone numbers. The goal is simple: pay for a number of leads, cold-call and contact the leads, hope that some people apply, and that some of those applications turn into funding opportunities. At the end of the day it’s a simple numbers game: did you make more money than you spent?

It’s okay to use pay-per-lead lists, but most of the time the conversions will be very low, and it’s tough to really produce a substantial profit. Maybe you’ll make some money, maybe you’ll secure a few hot deals, but it’s unlikely that pay-per-lead lists will offer you enough opportunities to really grow.

You can quickly find yourself trapped in a low growth, low reward environment. You might continue plugging along, trying to build momentum, or maybe you’ll take your money and talents elsewhere.

 Another Pay Per Lead strategy is investing in MCA Live Inbound Transfers. These calls will cost more than the telemarketing lists but they are scrubbed, qualified and then transferred to your team real time.

Even within the live transfer option, you have to be very careful what you are paying for. What you want to have is 100% Exclusive Calls Coming From Inbound Sources. There are way too many, so called,  MCA Lead Generation companies, who will gladly sell you live transfers but they are neither exclusive nor driven from inbound sources. They are usually called on by an overseas call centers and generated through old, beat-up lists.

MCA Live Transfers are great options if you have a small team and you only want to deal with really qualified prospects, instead you dialing 200 numbers a day.

Paid Advertising Campaigns: High Commitment, High Reward

  The next method people frequently turn to is paid advertisements.  Why not just buy an ad on Google search and every time someone searches for a “merchant cash advance” or “small business loan” they will see an ad for your services? Thousands of people search for “merchant cash advance” each month. Tens of thousands of people search for “small business loan.”  Problem is, you’re going to have to pay $20, $30, $40 dollars or more for a single click! Ads can get very expensive very quickly.

Worse yet, many companies launch expensive advertising campaigns without having the right system in place. They buy ads, but don’t have high converting landing pages, or don’t have the staff in place to make follow up phone calls. Before you spend on advertising it’s essential to make sure you have the right system in place to handle and optimize leads and traffic. Your staff will need to know how to close deals, and your web presence must simply be top-notch. No poorly designed websites or half-constructed efforts allowed.

When it comes to paid advertising campaigns, if you take the time to really optimize your advertising campaign, and you really focus on converting leads into opportunities, you can produce tremendous revenues. However, it’s important to be patient. An advertising campaign can take two months or more to really gain traction. Further, you must constantly be refining your work and efforts. You should also be prepared to spend a lot of money. Five figure advertising campaigns are common, if anything.

The Golden Goose: An Organic Inbound Funnel

Now, we can finally get to the “golden goose”, your organic inbound funnel. Inbound marketing has by and large proven to be the most effective form of advertising possible. Paid advertising is “push” advertising. You pay to get in front of someone’s eyes. With organic inbound, you produce content and media that draws people in (hint: this article is inbound).

First, you create a “funnel” (some marketers are moving away from “funnels”, instead embracing the more dynamic “customer journey” model. For now, the funnel analogy holds true). This funnel will feature content and other methods to draw people into optimized landing pages, and to provide information, such as email addresses and phone numbers. These leads can then be converted into funding opportunities for your merchant cash advance business.

The goal with organic inbound marketing is to get people to find out about your website naturally, such as through social media or through search. You become a trusted source for information regarding your industry, in this case merchant cash advance, and a trusted expert for people who are looking to learn more. Your company blog keeps people informed of the latest happenings, and your monthly newsletter and social media profiles are trusted sources of information. Instead of paying for clicks, your organic content draws people in.

Ultimately, your goal is to develop a true “multi-channel” marketing system. You will have multiple channels feeding you  business leads. One customer I recently worked with, I helped him redo his entire website. We built up engaging content, created high performance landing pages, published a report right on his website. It was time consuming work and took us about a month just to get everything in place.

Now, thirty days is a short amount of time in the SEO/inbound world, but the results came quickly. My client got 37 leads within 30 days! Most importantly, one of those leads was for a $100,000 dollar funding opportunity! For my client, this was a huge break. That one deal provided enough funds not just to keep the lights on, but to also pay for more content generation, advertising, and other things.

Conclusion: Invest In Your Marketing Efforts

There’s no one “right” approach marketing. I’m not as big of a fan of paid lists, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t work if you have the right system in place. At the same time, there’s nothing wrong with spending big on ads, again so long as you have the right system in place. If you don’t have the right system in place, your efforts will be wasted, or at least sub-optimal, no matter what approach you take.

That being said, I personally believe that an aggressive, organic inbound SEO strategy is a must for any merchant cash advance vendor who wants to really dominate the industry and maximize profits. Getting yourself to the top of search engines and on the front page of Google will help you draw in as much business as possible, and you won’t have to pay for clicks. A strong inbound strategy will reduce marketing costs over the long-run, and help you establish yourself as a leader in the merchant cash advance industry.



How To Sell Merchant Cash Advance – Have a deeper level of understanding of your industry

(New to the Industry? Before you go over the content here, watch this Free webinar on how to start and grow your MCA business: Click Here)

We all know Merchant cash advance has one of the biggest failure rates in the industry, and we at Local Marketing Stars know exactly why that’s the case. Simply because we know how to sell merchant cash advance. Being the leading company in the lead generations for the merchant cash advance industry, and working with hundreds of professionals from the industry, we’ve seen a pattern as to why some companies succeed at a massive level, or some salespeople fund bigger deals than the others. We also had the opportunities to see why so many professionals in this area failed. If you are looking for a way to close more deals or trying to have an understanding as to what you need to do to close more deals consistently, you’ll definitely need to read this. There are four rules that you need to follow if you want to increase your sales in merchant cash advance and increase the number of deals that you fund.

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Everything You Need to Learn About MCA Lead Generation

#1. Solid Understanding of Your Business

understand your business

The first step for you to understand how to sell merchant cash advance is you need to have a deeper level of understanding of your industry. I came across so many salespeople who do not have a comprehensive level of understanding about the merchant cash advance industry. You need to know the industry enough to be able to simplify it for your clients. Because when a client gets to you, they might come from a different level of understanding, such as follows:

  • The first level of audience is those that have no idea what merchant cash advance is. All they want is to get a business loan. They don’t know the difference between SBA loan, working capital loan, equipment loan, and merchant cash advance. When you’re dealing with the customer at this level, you need to be clear on what merchant cash advance is and the process required to get funding. You must be able to convey that in very simple terms so that they understand you clearly providing them comfort when speaking to you, to the point they say okay to a high-interest rate advance. It is very crucial for you to understand your own product and services, and the market that you’re in. Many salespeople fail at this level because when they present the idea to the client, they make it so complicated that the client loses their interests on the product, demonstrating how urgently they need to learn how to sell merchant cash advance.
  • The second type of audience is a client who might already know about merchant cash advance versus other loans, they’re just looking for the right company. So the way you talk to that client should be much different.
  • The third level of a client are the ones that already understand merchant cash advance, they know the big players in this arena, and they want to know if you’re the right company. So, it’s already a very warm lead. They want to see if you’re trustworthy enough for them in order to go into business with you.

So the first rule to follow is to know your products, understand the merchant cash advance industry and its process so you can communicate it to your potential clients effectively.

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 #2. Use different scripts for different situations

different script

Many people made the mistake of using the same script for every type of situation which is a clear sign that they don’t know how to sell merchant cash advance. Similar to the first rule about customers being at different levels, each of those levels require a different type of approach and it’s own script. The way you communicate with the clients, the avenue you use to communicate with them is really important. Is it through cold calling, or a live transfer, or is it a direct response from your email marketing campaigns? You cannot use just one script and try to fit all avenues using that one script. You have to meet your clients where they are. So this second rule is depending on the medium that you’re using to target your prospects. You got to have a customized approach, customized script, and a customized set of questions.

#3. Have a solid sales process in place

stick to the process

I know it’s almost cliche, but rule number three is that it is truly important to have a good sales system in place. You cannot always wing it at salespeople when you get stuck until you cross the bridge and get the deal done. In the long term, this method will not serve you well. You need to use a proven system that works, that converts deals. For every sales scenario, you must have your sales book in place. If your organizations do not have this sales book yet, then you need to have that in place. This sales process will help you to manage your team, if they follow that system, your company will get consistent results. Because one of the biggest things that hurt merchant cash advance companies is the inconsistency.
There are many factors that cause the inconsistency, and one of the main factors is your sales team. You do not follow a systematic sales process, you’re trying different things, or reinventing the wheel. What you need to understand is, merchant cash advance is a relatively old industry and things have been figured out. There are companies who secured tons of funding deals consistently, so there’s no need for you to create your own sales system. All you have to do is replicate what’s really working, and add your character to it, and repeat it. You must have a system in writing, and you must train yourself and your salespeople on how to sell merchant cash advance, you’ve got to stick to the sales process.

#4. Follow up and follow through


There’s so much money left on the table especially when it comes to merchant cash advance. Don’t forget that this industry is highly sales oriented and competitive. Some salespeople might be good at opening, others might be good at closing or at follow-up, but it is very uncommon that they’re really good at all of those different areas. So whether you’re selling yourself, or training someone, you must put a lot of emphasis on follow-up when teaching how to sell merchant cash advance. It takes six to ten touch points for you to take someone from a call to a point of funding a deal. So when you call a lead once or twice that’s just not enough.
Another thing to remember, follow-up doesn’t mean calling the same lead 15 times a day. If you’re badgering them and you’re disrespecting their time, that’s not a follow-up. Just like having your scripts, there’s a process of follow up. Your potential clients should feel like you’re a professional, that you know what you’re doing, proving that you really know your business and know how to sell merchant cash advance effectively. You’re keeping your distance but at the same time, you keep reminding them why they need to work with you.

So to summarize it:
Rule #1: know your industry, know your product, because you don’t know who you’re talking to. Someone could be really knowledgeable, so you gotta be the authority on the phone or in person to be able to close the deal.

Rule #2: understand and customize your approach based on the medium that you use, how you’re reaching out to these clients.

Rule #3: have a systematic sales process.

Rule #4: have a systematic follow-up and follow-through process.

[Video Case Study] How This Merchant Cash Advance Company Made $17,000 in Commissions With Free Website Traffic

If you get these four steps right, I can guarantee you that it will eliminate most of your sales problem. You might have a lead generation or a marketing problem, but when you do get opportunities, your closing percentage will be super consistent and you’re not going to have these dips and rollercoasters every month.

Now, if you do not have the resources to find these systems and gather them together, or if you do not have a sales book or a follow-up – follow-through process, or you’re just starting out with the industry, we do have a resource called the merchant cash advance success blueprint. If you want all of those resources in your arsenal, we put it together for you as a package with the goal of teaching you how to sell merchant cash advance.

This blueprint was created based on the pattern of behaviors we see throughout all of our clients because we’ve worked with hundreds of MCA managers, salespeople, and MCA companies across the country. We know what works and what doesn’t work leading us to help you make higher commissions consistently. We package it together for you and I highly recommend you to take a look at it and get it for yourself, for your company, for your staff, and whoever is in charge of the sale.

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Everything You Need to Learn About MCA Lead Generation

MCA Lead Generation

A merchant cash advance (MCA) is one of the most popular forms of obtaining a fiscal back up in the present times. In this remarkable financial system, any business owner can get a much-needed capital sum for use in their varied day to day business transactions, in-company dealings, and make further expenditures in the growth or accumulation of their company.

Merchant cash advance is now the easiest and the most used go-to option for a lot of small business proprietors who need cash on immediate notice. This is owing to the many varied easy to use features of the merchant cash advance deals, which makes it a very viable and approachable process. Subsequently, merchant cash advance marketing has been progressively rising, particularly in the last 5 years.

One of the main issues in MCA marketing is lead generation. MCA lead generation is the process by which providers of merchant cash advance generate and receive stable and substantial cash advance buyers. This can be done with the help of special MCA lead generation services or with self-made ways to bring in appropriate clients who are in need of urgent capital for their business uses.

In this blog post, we are going to talk elaborately about the various ways in which MCA lead generation can be used by merchant cash advance providers. Through these ways, MCA suppliers can get appropriate leads and thus increase their sales.

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What is Merchant Cash Advance?

A merchant cash advance permits a business holder, who makes use of credit card expenses or holds further card payment or receivable streams, to get a cash advance. To be precise, MCA is not strictly a loan, but to a certain extent, it is an advance sum based on the prospective credit card sales or revenues of a small company. Any small business owner can apply for merchant cash advance and get a cash advance deposited into their account in quite quick time.

The providers of a merchant cash advance tend to weigh up risks and required credit criteria in a different way than conventional banks. A merchant cash advance source has a propensity for looking directly at the day after day credit card receipts of the company in order to find out if it can really pay off the given cash advance in a timely manner. In essence, any small business owner seeking a cash advance is selling a percentage of their upcoming credit card revenue so as to get their hands on capital without any ado. A merchant cash advance is quite simple and straightforward.

A supplier of merchant cash advance most often provides a backup request for a business owner, who may not meet the requirements for a traditional business loan, but possesses a stable influx of payments with the means of a credit card. Every business holder considering the merchant cash advance option must first take care, that she or he is aware of the terms that are being presented so that they can formulate an informed judgment about a potential Return on Investment.

MCA marketing and MCA lead generation

Merchant cash advance marketing is extremely significant for an MCA provider since it can make their company popular amongst its customers. For this, it has to acquire its relevant customers first, which is called MCA lead generation.

Merchant cash advance lead generation is a comprehensive process of accumulating the most fitting and worthy client base. This MCA lead generation process is the biggest priority for anyone in the merchant cash advance trade. This process encompasses the entire procedure of aggressively bringing in fresh and steady cash advance buyers and generating good leads so that they can get desirable loans from the merchant cash advance company.

MCA lead generation can be done through a variety of ways. The number of business owners seeking merchant cash advance has been mounting up in the recent years. This rising need has been growing, owing to the increasing competition in the business of merchant cash advance marketing. Due to these reasons, it makes it more challenging for merchants in the cash advance trade to find their fresh leads for their business.

It is already clear that the triumph in the industry of merchant cash advance or any other industries, as a matter of fact, depends on the right marketing and finding out successful leads. In MCA lead generation, understanding and recognizing the target audience is extremely significant for selling merchant cash advances.

Case Study: How We Helped This Merchant Cash Advance (mca) Company Generate 321 Real-Time, Hot Leads in 90 Days

Why is MCA lead generation important and how can it be done?

It is hardly a secret that spawning leads for companies dealing in merchant cash advance is not an effortless task. With the rising trend among small business owners searching for unconventional funding to tend to their capital requirements, a fresh class of business proprietors is fascinated in initiating their individual business in merchant cash advance. This competition among every MCA provider is turning fiercer, thus making it more difficult for such providers to uphold the businesses.

Apart from the brutal competition, the supplementary main challenge that providers of merchant cash advance have to cope with is winning the confidence of their latent clients. It is not an easy task to track all positions clearly and determine the level of interest of the cash advance buyers to get cash advance services. Plus, it is also hard for MCA providers as they have to struggle daily in order to get appropriate customers for their business Taking into account the technical intricacy of the merchant cash advance industry, focusing on market researches will help merchant cash advance suppliers to craft effective ways of engaging and searching their potential buyers. With this approach, MCA lead generation plays an extremely vital role in the merchant cash advance industry.

MCA lead generation helps in getting the due attention of the target buyers through the following ways:

  • Effective profiling and market research

Discovering apt leads, which match an ideal merchant cash advance buyer profile, is definitely not a stroll in the park. The most important job for a provider of merchant cash advance is to rummage around potential clients that have matched the required minimal set of attributes, for instance, company size, type, and budget. MCA lead generation fulfills the specific facets by undertaking wide-ranging market researches.

  •  Multi channel engagements

MCA lead generation incorporates a range of digital channels, for example, blogs, emails, business websites, and social media sites to add to merchant cash advance service representation apart from the cold or traditional telemarketing. It is vital for a merchant cash advance business to lay emphasis on all on hand channels so as to communicate efficiently with the cash advance buyers about their most up to date offers and talk about the types of services that they would want for their business purposes.

  • Qualified appointments

Among the most excellent things about MCA lead generation, is its knack for providing competent prospects. Fit prospects are those potential buyers of merchant cash advance, who have been scored as “hot” at a point when a sale is anticipated. This, of course, depends largely on the value of leads in merchant cash advance that a buyer may comprise, which is why finding the accurate MCA lead generation facility plays a central role in MCA marketing stratagems.

All in all, MCA lead generation through online means can do away with all the hassles of hounding cash advance buyers through cold calling, thus leaving a MCA provider or company with an adequate amount of time for focusing on additional critical aspects of their business, while making sure that they can easily spot a potential transaction.

Blog: Are You Building Your Merchant Cash Advance Business as an Asset or a Liability?

Apt ways and sources for creating an MCA lead generation campaign

mca leadLead generating activities in merchant cash advance are of many types, which means MCA providers can use different ways to generate leads. MCA lead generation ways can either be through the use of services, which especially cater to bringing in suitable leads for cash advance businesses or by making use of individual attempts and guidelines.

In this section, we are going to discuss at length about the various means that advance providers can use for bringing in good and reliable leads for their MCA business.

1. Individual ways to build up MCA lead generation

Regrettably, it is no secret that partaking in lead generation activities generally amounts to a lot of expenses. The process of purchasing the UCC List, making use of paid ads, or employing providers of merchant cash advance for lead generation can possibly cost a large amount of cash, which the cash advance buyer is not capable of or supposed to use up in that phase. On the other hand, it may surprise a potential merchant cash advance provider that there are a lot of other MCA lead generation activities that can be carried out with the least amount of budget.

The following are 6 inexpensive conducts that a cash advance merchant can use so as to catch the attention of fresh merchant cash advance buyers. These distinct ways can be used in producing more leads for a business dealing in cash advance.

  • Focusing on the main target base

Among the biggest misconceptions that the largest number of cash advance providers have regarding their target base is that not each person can be their target market. A cash advance provider needs to set up a viable system for narrowing their target market and identifying their apt client profile. This must be done so as to perk up their ability for attracting competent leads and converting them all to sales.

  • Focusing on enhancing inbound content

It is known for a fact that the cash advance providers who put in considerable endeavors in building up their target market use blogs, content optimized with keywords in their websites, and/or YouTube channels bring in efficient MCA lead generation by generating additional organic web traffic.

In case a merchant cash advance blog or website has not generated and converted any decent leads up till now, then the merchant cash advance company may have to initiate working on building up content made with their specific target base market as the audience. The optimized links found on content and social networks sites are the chief secrets in increasing the traffic on their websites and generating more leads.

  • Focusing on website optimization

Any fine and presentable blog and website on top of some great content material will never be as much as necessary for efficient MCA lead generation if a cash advance merchant or company has not appropriately optimized them. With around 97% of present day’s merchant cash advance buyers who start their searches for any good and reliable online local business; a cash advance provider needs to endorse his or her content so that people can easily find them through a simple search, when they are searching for online information about a merchant cash advance deal. Through proper optimizing of such content using the correct meta titles, key phrases, keywords, tags, and anchors for their merchant cash advance links, an advance provider can rest assured that their website will start to bring in further leads for their cash advance business.

[VIDEO CASE STUDY] How This Merchant Cash Advance Company Made $17,000 in Commissions With Free Website Traffic

  • Focusing on any call to action activity for MCA lead generation

A cash advance provider publishes any relevant material on their social media websites or platforms for apt MCA lead generation. In such a case, such content should also be equipped with proper instructions to their adherents on the sort of action a provider wants them to take up next. Regardless of the subject, such as liking, sharing information, or asking the site guest to tap on a ‘Contact us’ link so as to start talking with an available sales agent or to apply for a merchant cash advance sum; a call to action must be clearly stated in the content of a merchant cash advance website.

  • Focusing on the follow-up method for MCA lead generation

As a rule, in MCA lead generation, merchant cash advance proprietors feel that they already possess a concrete follow up plan close at hand, which more often than not is taken as a system where they are bound to call any person who is paying attention to their products. This is, however, not a rock-solid plan and can possibly delay their MCA lead generation development.

An appropriate follow-up plan must take account of the whole process starting from an occasion where a potential buyer actually reaches out to a cash advance provider through the many social media platforms or starts to fill out contact forms on their landing page.

The subsequent efficient arrangement of MCA lead generation action should be to put in their contact information on their database, subscribing potential cash advance buyers to newsletters, sending out a special email offer, contacting them directly by means of email or phone, presenting them with a pricing information, and the like.

  • Focusing on requesting for referrals for MCA lead generation

More often than not, people put in more value to the recommendations and referrals received from their dependable followers or friends. This is why it is most important for the providers of merchant cash advance to not forget in asking for the referral sources from their satisfied clients whenever they get the opportunity.  The satisfied cash advance buyers are most likely to refer their merchant cash advance providers to more people in the similar trade who are also searching for realistic companies dealing in merchant cash advance like theirs. This would lead to a proper MCA lead generation.

  • Providing a special report that is free of cost for MCA lead generation

Most people are by nature skeptical and curious all at once. As clients, the majority of cash advance buyers tend to go to immense lengths to receive any first-hand info, which most other people may not be aware of. These clients generally wish to hear sound information, which can be of assistance to them.

However, in most cases, the clients are immensely turned off as a result of the traditional ad sales. Hence, for good MCA lead generation, all merchant cash advance providers must package the offers of their company into some distinct special reports that would endow with educational information as opposed to sales information. Such a free special report may be in the form of a video blog, an e-book, or a case study.

  • Understanding why people go for a particular merchant cash advance provider

For getting sufficient and satisfactory MCA lead generation, it is very important that the cash advance providers communicate with their existing clients. They need to ask potential advance buyers a few important questions as to why they selected their company and how to resolve any problems or dissatisfaction encountered by their clients while dealing with their company.

LEAD GENERATION: How To Attract Hot Qualified Leads for Your Merchant Cash Advance Business

2. MCA lead generation by the means of strategic merchant cash advance lead generation services

As a provider of merchant cash advance, it is easier said than done to locate potential customers and sell merchant cash advances. Luckily, highly targeted lists, for instance, MCA lead generation services exist to aid in launching a well-planned business advance marketing campaign. We have thus made a good list of the most vital grounds why a merchant cash advance provider should be opting for a strategic service of MCA lead generation.


  • Qualified and fresh leads

A service dealing in MCA lead generation plays a vital part in launching a victorious campaign of marketing. As soon as one recognizes their target cash advance buyers, marketing gets to be effective and easy. A strategic service of MCA lead generation works to offer the advance providers with the top quality leads looking for business capital. In general, they target those companies, which have been in the trade for six months at least for their MCA lead generation lists. Furthermore, they consider the leads that generate at least $15,000 monthly in their credit card revenue.

  • Money and time saving

For providers of merchant cash advance, it is wasting priceless resources in reaching out and searching for unqualified businesses. With trustworthy services dealing in MCA lead generation, providers can get special access to highly qualified businesses, yield more interests from companies, and eventually result in elevated conversions. Employing personalized company data and knowledge, an MCA lead generation service can help a provider in reaching their potential buyers through more effectual means whether through telemarketing or email campaigns.

  • Maintaining control

An MCA lead generation service does not just provide high-quality leads, their sales group also attempts to serve all provider’s needs while helping in finding the best probable buyers for selling cash advance. These MCA lead generation services keep the business objectives as their peak priority and set up campaigns for marketing merchant cash advance to achieve business goals.

  • Experience

The most excellent MCA lead generation services come with due experience, which has been facilitating the trade for numerous years. Such MCA services are well aware of up to date marketing developments and work diligently to carry on with the most recent advances in MCA lead generation and marketing across the industry. A strategic service of MCA lead generation can keep track of an MCA provider’s campaigns and check it against other systems to guarantee an elevated quantity of sales.

All things considered, MCA providers need to bear in mind while running an MCA lead generation campaign is to constantly improve their results through continuous access. Learning about other competitor movements and results, implementing slight changes into social media modes, and keeping track of results can improve chances for enhancement in MCA lead generation for merchant cash advance providers. The above-mentioned ideas, no matter whether you want to generate proper leads on your own or employ the services of a lead generation firm, can aid you in your MCA marketing as well as lead production endeavor. So, use them and see how you get suitable leads within no time.


Are you building your Merchant Cash Advance business as an asset or a liability?

Hi, Oguz Konar here. I am the president and CEO of Local Marketing Stars.

I want to take a couple of moments and talk about one of the biggest mistakes merchant cash advance companies make when it comes to figuring out how to do their marketing and lead generations. I’m going to be talking about building an asset within your company versus building a liability.

Our company is around for a while and we work with 47 different verticals before we decided to work with merchant cash advance industry. We serve verticals from restaurants to construction companies, to dry cleaning companies, software companies, video programming companies, so many different industries and cash advance is one of them. We chose to focus only on merchant cash advance about two years ago. There are reasons as to why that’s the case. As the owner of a marketing company, one of the things that I look at is there a demand for the service. Many people wake up with a dream that they’re gonna have their own startup without really thinking about whether the market has a demand for the products or services. In merchant cash advance that’s really not the case. There’s a major demand for this industry.

Demand is high in the merchant cash advance industry

We have hired researchers and had them do research on the future of merchant cash advance industry. We found that the search volume on the search engines for people looking for business loans has been going up consistently. Three years ago that number was around 90,000 to 100,000 people,  right now it’s over half a million. And I think that number is going to get close to 700.000 to 800,000 people per month towards the end of 2018. So when you’re dealing with a product that has this much demand, you have a couple of options such as tapping into that demand, which we’re seeing every day more and more now, where more merchant cash advance companies are started.

Merchant Cash Advance industry is high in demands with biggest failure rates

Unfortunately, when they do start the company, they were modeling the wrong people. On average I talk to 15 to 20 merchant cash advance business owners every week, and that allows me to see a pattern of their behavior and almost make a prediction who is gonna succeed better than the other and who’s gonna fail because unfortunately, this industry has one of the biggest failure rates. People start and within six months you don’t see them around, or the ones who survive their first year do so but they’re really not profitable. They soon find out that they just got themselves another full-time job. That’s happening because they’re modeling most of their competitors out there. Most of the guys are starting out they might be in in their business for a couple years but they’re doing the same thing over and over again.

If I were to summarize what they do is, they do things such as: “I’m starting my company, so what is the most effective way for me to get leads?”. “I’m going to buy a list of UCC leads”, or  “let me hire an offshore center to do telemarketing”. “I have a couple of thousand dollars, let me start a direct mail campaign”, or let me start buying live transfers”. Those are four or five common things most of the people do in this industry. I’m not saying that all of them are bad and you should not be doing that. You do need both inbound and outbound lead generation. But where things get complicated and sour for a lot of these business owners is when they just keep doing that without really working on creating other streams of income, revenue, deals and leads for their businesses.

Highly competitive in outbound lead generations

If you’re stuck in that route of purchasing leads either in the form of UCC leads, telemarketing data, or live transfers, you’re basically tapping into a well that thousands other people are trying to get deals out of at the same time. You are in this competition because you’re calling on the same person over and over again. So my disagreement with that approach is that you have half a million or more people searching online for a business loan, which means there are new faces that are usually not a part of a telemarketing list, even though that doesn’t mean they all qualify. So every day people are searching online, but instead of tapping into that, you’re going after a UCC list or a telemarketing list that has been sold to maybe 20 other companies out there. You can still close deals, but when you’re attempting to close a deal, you’re not closing on authority. You’re closing on the rates that you’re providing. It’s really difficult to build your value and differentiate yourself from other people. The result then your profits go slim, but then you get used to that pattern and thought this happened because Merchant Cash Advance is super competitive. I hear that all day long from business owners who told me that MCA is super competitive. It’s true that MCA is super competitive but so does many other industries.

I’m not disagreeing that it’s not competitive, but the point is it’s not competitive on the inbound lead generation part. There is a massive flow of leads, but only 10 to 15 companies are claiming that, only the major players. But when I pointed this out, the usual objection from business owners is the amount of those major players are spending four million dollars a month will guarantee them to get organic leads. Hence why they thought it’s not going to work out like that for them. They prefer to take that small amount of money and buy a list of 10,000 people and pull a couple of deals out of that.

Invest in your business through creating inbound lead generation system!

If you’re  a fresh beginner, I suggest that you do whatever it takes to get a couple of deals under your belt and start generating some income, because as you know, sales are above all else. But once you establish yourself a little, or if you’ve been around for a while now and you have a couple of people or have the vision to grow the business really fast, you want to differentiate yourself from other people. This means you have to invest in your business, and the way to invest is by creating your inbound lead generation system.

What I mean by that is that you want people to be able to find your brand, your phone number, your story. So when an individual find you on your website, they will make a decision on your brand, whether they want to work with you specifically or not. You need to build your foundation, and people need to make a decision whether they want to work with this company or not. Whereas when you buy leads from other sources or from somebody else’s website or landing page, it doesn’t allow you to build that. You only have options of getting ten phone calls which are all the same, so you chose to beat them up on price and see who’s gonna give you a better lead, a better percentage, better rate so that decision is off to you.

This is why it’s so important that I suggest you not only thinking about today. So many Merchant Cash Advance companies I met are at the primitive level in planning, they only plan for tomorrow. But if you want to be a real serious business owner when you’re thinking about tomorrow, you need to find out are you really seeing yourself running your company until you retire or until you die? What is your exit strategy?. When I ask that question many people tell me they’re not planning to do this forever, that they want to build this up so they either can be hired by someone or they can sell portfolios.

Increase your company’s assets, not the liability

If your goal is to build this as a business and turn into a sellable asset, you got to have assets! Your asset cannot be your source where you buy the leads from. Your asset is if your website is getting 3000 people you’re converting them at a certain percentage. Or if you have a paid inbound system that brings you leads almost on demand, where you’re putting X you’re getting X plus. Or if you can control how much you’re spending to purchase a customer, that’s a system. Once you know that when you spend $50 for four times it’s gonna give you a customer that would put $3,000 in your pocket, then you know how many times you’re X-ing your investment.

So once you have a predictable system, your business will have more sellable asset than a liability. It will be a liability if you didn’t have any system or you’re  solely lying on an offshore center or a bunch of telemarketers that you hire in-house. You’re just having them generate leads for you, but you don’t have a lead generation that’s running 24/7. Have you ever considered the fact that your lead generation stops the moment your employees leave the office or your offshore center closes down at the end of the day? These facts would make me feel really uncomfortable if I knew that I’m only relying on a couple people that hire, and the moment they either do not show up or do not work, my lead generation is down to zero.

I’m not saying having those offshore centers and telemarketing or UCC leads are bad, but building a true asset means having an automated system that brings you leads. I’m not talking about just search engine optimization. I’m talking about combining the search engine with your paid efforts, and coming up with a hybrid solution where not only you’re building more your online presence, but also people are coming to you because they trust you and see you as an authority and they want to work with you. So when that happens, when you’re in negotiations on either selling the company, or bringing on more partners, or bringing on revenue, that will play a big role.

Plan your marketing system from the beginning

That’s why when you’re deciding on your marketing, I suggest you do not think just about today and to what you’re gonna be selling today, I also suggest that you think about what you’re building as a company. Your company culture, your automation systems in place, your CRM system, your follow-up system, your nurturing campaigns or other email campaigns, your sales scripts, your closing percentages, and revenue per deal. All of that will play a role in a building and real company. Otherwise, you can call yourself just a sales organization because that’s all you might be doing. You’re just getting leads and turning them, and selling them, and looking for more and more data. I know companies that have data of millions of people’s information which they keep calling, and their goal is to grow their floor more and more, having 30 to 50 more people.To me, that’s a scary scenario. Of course, you want to have more people, but not for telemarketing, because obviously, that gives you more headaches. Managing salespeople means higher payroll you even if they are on commission-based, and higher rent. What if instead of adding ten more people, you can add a system that does as much if more than those people. You own it! So you don’t owe it to your people, hoping that they will stay as a long-term employer. They will stay with you and so perform at the level or better.

So that’s why I wanted to make a distinction between an asset and liability in this video. I wanted to report this because I’m seeing this over and over again, and I think this is important for business owners to notice when they’re starting this. In the first couple of months it might be okay to do anything you can do to get leads, but at some point, you got to make a decision and say what am I really doing with my business? Am I really building this as a sellable asset?  Whether you sell it or not it’s up to you, but I think it’s important that when you decide to walk away and take a two-month leave vacation, you don’t have to worry about your business. I hear that a lot, where people feel proud that they’re hustling so hard, they haven’t taken a vacation in 34 years. To me, that’s not healthy. If your company is 3 years old and you still have to show up every single day to motivate people so they can close better deals, you’re creating a habit that’s difficult to break. If you don’t change anything, you’ll find yourself in situations where you’ve been in business for 10 years and you’re still grinding. Grinding is only fun when you’re doing it in the beginning when you’re building something. But if this is your daily routine, something is definitely wrong with that structure.

I’m known to be really blunt and I say it as it is. That’s how we grew our company quite a bit because that’s how we help our clients. We’re really upfront. So if what I say makes sense, leave a comment here or schedule an appointment so we can talk more about your specific situation. We’ve been helping our clients and merchant cash advance industry for a while now and we’re building systems for them so they can get predictable leads on demand. We’re not in the business of selling leads, live transfers, and all the other things. We’re in the business of building inbound lead generation system. So if you’re interested, you’ll see a link below, click on that and you’ll have access to our calendars so you can schedule a conversation strategy session for us to talk more about this. No obligation. Thanks for listening.


Lead Generation: How to Attract Hot Qualified Leads for Your Merchant Cash Advance Business

Every cash advance business owners’ wish would be to have more high-quality prospects. Unfortunately, most of them just don’t know how to generate those leads continuously. This is why an understanding of how merchant cash advance lead generation process work would be beneficial for your business.

Here are five ways to develop your merchant cash advance lead generation system:

STEP 1: Understand Why People Chose Your Merchant Cash Advance Company

Communicate with your existing clients. Ask them the three most compelling reasons why they chose your company, and find out how to solve any dissatisfaction or problems encountered by your clients when dealing with your company.

STEP 2: Create a Free Special Report

People are naturally curious and skeptical at the same time.  As consumers, they will go to great lengths to get first-hand information that other people don’t know. They want to hear good information that will be beneficial for them, but they are turned off by the traditional sales ads. Hence why you should package your company’s offers into a special report which would provide educational information instead of sales information. This free report can be in the form of a case study article, a video blog, or an e-book.

STEP 3 – Develop a Direct Response Advertisement

People will pay attention to things that touch their feelings directly. To move your consumers to reach out, your ads must be straightforward, identify the problem right away and give the solution to their cash flow problems by offering your merchant cash advance business, along with the benefits they will get if they apply to you.

STEP 4 – Set Up a Response Mechanism to Collect Incoming Leads Information

The worst mistake business owners usually do with their incoming leads is not developing a response mechanism that logs all leads and tracks where they came from.

In every content you have on social media networks, you must always include a link to your landing page as a ‘call-to-action’ for your followers. When the consumers click the link, they will have to enter their information such as name, phone numbers, email address and other useful information. On your other traditional marketing tools, always include your free-toll phone number so your prospective client can contact you immediately.

STEP 5 – Create a Follow-Up Fulfillment System

Now it’s the time for you to realize that the magic of lead generation system lies in the follow-ups. Generating leads is the simpler and easier part. Converting the leads to customers who will get loans from your cash advance company is the tricky part. You must follow up on these leads immediately, consistently, and persuasively. Use cold calling, postcards, newsletters, and new video log or webinar invitations with powerful offers in order to persuade your prospect to become your customer.

Another key you have to remember when running merchant cash advance lead generation is that you have to continuously improve your results by analyzing all the marketing actions you have done. Learning from what your competitors are doing, tweaking slight changes into your social media approach, and keep tracking the results for improvement. After you have found what works, widen your ads to other platforms and markets.

If you want to learn more about how to generate leads for your merchant cash advance business, or if you are looking for a well-experienced merchant cash advance lead generation provider, you can visit us at for more information.