Can you make 6-7 figures with Merchant Cash Advance Business?

All right, in this video let’s talk about the elephant in the room. Is merchant cash advance business a real business? Is it a good business model? Is it hype, is it a scam? So many people ask questions like that online, and through my youtube channel, so I wanted to address that.

In my earlier videos, I talked about the business model of merchant cash advance, how to generate leads, but I noticed that we have not identified what kind of a business opportunity is Merchant Cash Advance, or if it even is a business opportunity.

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The biggest problem MCA Brokers Have Right NOW

Hey, everyone!

One question for you, “What is the biggest problem that merchant cash advance companies are having right now, at this given moment, or any time in the history of their existence?” The problem they say they have are a lack of leads or lack of quality leads. Any MCA company that I have talked to in the past, trained or coached, has always been trained about leads. Whoever I talk to or whoever reaches out to my company always says to us, “Hey man we need more leads. If you only had ten more leads a day, we would have closed this much. If you can get us unlimited leads, no problem, we’ll close more. Do you have a lot of transfers? Do you have data? Do you have past applications? Do you have UCC? Do you have X statements from clients funded before?”

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How can you make $15,000 to $20,000 per month and replace your income?

Did you know that if you’re between the ages of 24 and 50, your income will fluctuate from $27,000 to  $57,000 annually?

According to Business Insider, if you are in your 20s, you tend to make an income in the range of $20,000 or $30,000. As you get older, your income increases, that fact is given based on the job that you currently have. So if you have a job in the United States, according to statistics your income will be in that range.

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