How To Sell Merchant Cash Advance – Have a deeper level of understanding of your industry

(New to the Industry? Before you go over the content here, watch this Free webinar on how to start and grow your MCA business: Click Here) We all know Merchant cash advance has one of the biggest failure rates in the industry, and we at Local Marketing Stars know exactly why that’s the case. Simply […]

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Everything You Need to Learn About MCA Lead Generation

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A merchant cash advance (MCA) is one of the most popular forms of obtaining a fiscal back up in the present times. In this remarkable financial system, any business owner can get a much-needed capital sum for use in their varied day to day business transactions, in-company dealings, and make further expenditures in the growth […]


Are you building your Merchant Cash Advance business as an asset or a liability?

Hi, Oguz Konar here. I am the president and CEO of Local Marketing Stars. I want to take a couple of moments and talk about one of the biggest mistakes merchant cash advance companies make when it comes to figuring out how to do their marketing and lead generations. I’m going to be talking about […]


Lead Generation: How to Attract Hot Qualified Leads for Your Merchant Cash Advance Business

Every cash advance business owners’ wish would be to have more high-quality prospects. Unfortunately, most of them just don’t know how to generate those leads continuously. This is why an understanding of how merchant cash advance lead generation process work would be beneficial for your business. Here are five ways to develop your merchant cash […]


How to Turn Social Media Followers into Leads for Your Merchant Cash Advance Business

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Competition between merchant cash advance providers on getting prospective leads is very challenging with the significantly increased numbers of providers due to its popularity among small businesses. For many years, cash advance providers have been buying quality leads list to generate leads for their businesses. These lists are handy for an ample amount of time, […]


6 Ways to Generate Leads for your Merchant Cash Advance Business If You Don’t Have Marketing Budget

If you have been in the merchant cash advance business for a while, you understand that aggressively attracting new customers and generating leads so they will get loans from your company is a high priority. Unfortunately, it’s no secret that lead-generating activities can be expensive. Buying UCC List, utilizing paid ads, or hiring merchant cash […]


Innovative Marketing Strategy for Merchant Cash Advance Business

As business owner, you must be aware of the fact that your business might not survive a chance in the middle of harsh competition of merchant cash advance industry without a solid marketing strategy. As a player in merchant cash advance industry, having a great marketing team and great offers will not be enough for […]


Facebook Paid Marketing Strategies For Merchant Cash Advance Lead Generation

Finding prospective leads in merchant cash advance industry is very challenging, with the significantly increased competition between merchant cash advance providers due to its popularity amongst small businesses. The easiest approach for merchant cash advance lead generation is to buy a quality leads list, where it will provide you with data of clients and information […]


The Importance of Merchant Cash Advance Lead Generation for Your Business

It’s not a secret that generating leads for merchant cash advance company is not an easy task. With the growing trend of small businesses looking for alternative funding for their capital needs, more and more business owners are interested in starting their own merchant cash advance business. The competition between each provider is getting fiercer, […]


How to Choose the Right Merchant Cash Advance Lead Generation Provider to Get Highly-Targeted Leads

The possibility for small businesses to qualify for a bank loan has decreased significantly over the past few years, especially for those with poor credit ratings. Hence, the existence of alternative financing such as merchant cash advances – a funding source which is developed to help small businesses – has been a crucial source to […]


Having Live Transfer Leads To Boost Your Merchant Cash Advance Lead Generation Efforts?

Due to stagnant economic growth, traditional finance institutions have reduced the funding for small businesses, especially the startups due to their bad or zero credit history. This situation forced small business owners to look for alternative funding agencies. Merchant cash advance companies offer the best solution for these business players. Merchant cash advance is the […]


How To Use Facebook To Grow Your Merchant Cash Advance Business

Have you been leveraging one of the most powerful and targeted marketing strategies available in digital marketing? You know what it is, it is called Facebook. Do you know that Facebook can help you attract prospective clients, drive sales, and secure your spot as the leader in merchant cash advance industry? Facebook has become a […]