How Daniel Made $14,500 in commission within the first two weeks of joining

Oz:                         And what is the total commission you made from that one LinkedIn deal.

Oz:                         Guys, you know you’re making good money when you need a calculator to calculate.

Speaker 1:           So, yeah, 14,500 off of that one, off of LinkedIn.

Oz:                         Wow.

Speaker 1:           Yeah, I mean would say the best, what I’ve been getting the most out of training it’s really just the automation. For somebody completely new to the industry, I mean I wish this was here when I got in a couple years back, it just it could have saved me six months of hell working for someone else. .

Oz:                         Oh boy. What would you recommend someone who’s starting brand new? Obviously you are, you’re doing great right now, but we have a lot of people who are not even from the industry, they’re trying to transition. Some have full-time job, all they need is one or two deals a month and if that happens that’s enough to get them over the border, so they can quit their job that they just dreadfully go to every single day and do this. So what would your suggestion be for those people?

Speaker 1:           You can always lean on a veteran to help close the deals in regards to lead generation. I mean you have a system in place through your program to where if you follow it, I mean you will get deals. I mean it’s just … I’m a prime example. I’ve been doing your system for the last two years without really knowing what I’m doing. I didn’t have all the pieces. Your program gives me all the pieces, it’s giving everybody else the opportunity to make a good living if you just follow the system. If you’re new to the business, just follow what Oz has laid out for everybody and you will succeed as long as you put in the work.