How Danny Made $5500 Working From Home – Merchant Cash Advance

Oz Konar:                            Hey everyone, Oz here. Today I’m doing an interview with one of my students. I have Danny here. Hey Danny, how you doing?

Danny Kellas:                     Good Oz, how are you?

Oz Konar:                            Great, thank you. Danny has been with me for, how long has it been Danny, since you joined the program?

Danny Kellas:                     I think we’re probably going on six or seven weeks.

Oz Konar:                            Okay, it’s been about six, seven weeks since he found me online and he joined the Merchant Cash Advance Lead Generation program, so I wanted to bring him on to kind of walk you guys through his journey so far. It’s relatively … I hasn’t been even two months yet. We have people from all walks of lives. We have people with kids, and we have people with two jobs. We have a ton of single moms who are trying to make it happen, they’re looking for a way to make a better living, not having to work for someone else, or be able to make a comfortable living while spending more time with their kids and family without having to dedicate pretty much their entire life to survive.

Oz Konar:                            I think that’s … we have something for that and instead of me talking about it, I want other people to share their experience, so you guys get to hear that. Danny’s a perfect example of that, so Danny, if you can kind of take a minute to introduce us. Who you are and what you have been doing, and how you decided to start your merchant cash advance or alternative lending business.

Danny Kellas:                     Yeah, sure. I have been in commercial mortgage lending for about ten years. I worked for a smaller banking institution. I’ve been in a salary position, so for me, I have seen the income potential, if I can create my own business with, whether it be commercial mortgages or business loans. I started doing a little research probably three or four months ago into certain … trying to find opportunities that I could work from home. Bring my own leads, build my own business from the ground up, so that’s when I found one of your advertisements and we connected and I believed what you were saying, ’cause I feel like I’m a good judge of character, even if I don’t really know the person, I feel like I can tell if they’re shooting straight or not.

Danny Kellas:                     After talking to you a couple times, and one after your video, I felt like just the initial investment was gonna be worth it to me. There wasn’t a lot of risk, but at the same time, I felt like I could trust you.

Oz Konar:                            So let’s talk about the specifics. I know you recently funded your first deal, let’s talk about that. What happened? What kind of situation it was and how commission you made.

Danny Kellas:                     Sure. It was actually an individual that makes very good income. I think he’s an overseas electrical contractor, but he got to a point where he wanted to start a business in the states, in his hometown, ’cause he’s getting to the point where he’s at the age 45, 50 that he doesn’t wanna travel anymore, he wants to stay home. He had this piece of real estate that was free and clear. He had the income, but his credit was the worst credit I’d ever seen from, you know, divorces. He had a bad past, as far as that goes, bad string of luck, and his credit was four something.

Oz Konar:                            Wow.

Danny Kellas:                     I don’t know.

Oz Konar:                            How much was the funding for that? How much did he get funded?

Danny Kellas:                     Funding amount was, I believe, the approval was for 50, and I made 11 percent, so that was 55 hundred.

Oz Konar:                            Okay, ends up 50 thousand dollars and you made 55 hundred dollars from that?

Danny Kellas:                     Yep.

Oz Konar:                            How long did it take for you to get your commission to your bank account?

Danny Kellas:                     It was pretty quick after we got it funded and everything. I think it was less than a couple days.

Oz Konar:                            Yeah. Usually that’s the case. It can be next day or two, three days. It’s pretty fast. That’s awesome you got your first deal under your belt within a couple of weeks, literally of starting a brand of business. Most businesses do not make any revenue within their first year. Any profit I should say, but that was-

Danny Kellas:                     No, that guy actually, he’s local. He’s close to me, within 30 minutes. He actually came back last week and said, “If you want part ownership in this business I’m starting, I’ll let you buy in, ’cause I really like you.”

Oz Konar:                            Wow.

Danny Kellas:                     Just throwing that out there.

Oz Konar:                            Yeah.

Danny Kellas:                     That’s the kind of rapport that we built through the process.

Oz Konar:                            Wow, that’s quite amazing. It opens all kinds of doors, right, that you didn’t know existed before?

Danny Kellas:                     I didn’t really see that coming. That’s what I was talking about, I don’t know, just really making good connections and making good relationships if you do.

Oz Konar:                            Yeah. Now you have another option to-

Danny Kellas:                     That guy will be back.

Oz Konar:                            A lot of money. What’s that?

Danny Kellas:                     He’ll be back.

Oz Konar:                            I’m sure he’ll be back. Oh yeah. It’s very difficult to find a good hearted partner, especially who keeps his promises. You told him what you can do for him and you did it. Now he’s happy, and you’re happy. I know that you’re working on a bunch of other deals too, right? How have you been generating those leads so far?

Danny Kellas:                     Yeah. All those leads have been from working the LinkedIn training that you have in your program.

Oz Konar:                            Okay.

Danny Kellas:                     The first, I would say, it really doesn’t take that long to start, for leads to start flowing in. I think it was literally int he first couple days.

Oz Konar:                            I remember, I know you hit me up on messenger. You’re like, “I got my first lead,” and you’re working on this or giving details, that’s just amazing.

Danny Kellas:                     My first coupe leads, they’re not ready to do anything now, but we have a time to meet up in the future when the time is right, and we’re gonna move forward and do something. I don’t know, the first guy, he had a very successful some kind of trucking business, and he has good credit, good income, and he signed a contract to expand his business with a local warehouse or something, and he’s gonna have to buy another truck or two, and hire some people. That’s gonna happen sometime in the next couple months.

Oz Konar:                            Yeah. I remember you talking about, and this person is from your local area?

Danny Kellas:                     That guy was from Seattle.

Oz Konar:                            Yeah. You live in a very remote place, but you can do business pretty much all over the place that’s not even close where you are right now, right?

Danny Kellas:                     I have apps for Seattle, New Jersey, Charlotte, North Carolina, Dallas, Texas, another guy in Texas just off the top of my head. That just shows you where … yeah, it’s been all over the place. I kind of intentionally did that just kind of messing around with the LinkedIn training and doing different areas, and just seeing what kind of response I’d get, in different industries. I’m just trying to feel it out and kind of get the hang of it.

Oz Konar:                            Yeah. One question I get quite a bit from people who wanna join the program is usually, “Hey, how would people … what would people think of me since I haven’t been doing this for a while? I know you talk about being a consultant, but I don’t have any experience in the industry,” and things like that, and you’re coming in within a week or so generating leads, what would you say to that?

Danny Kellas:                     Well, anybody could’ve done what I did to generate those leads, if you just follow the program. I’m not just saying that, ’cause that’s all I did. I never done anything like that before, but I just took the time to go through the training and implement each step.

Oz Konar:                            Yeah.

Danny Kellas:                     You learn as you go, but then you get to a point where it’s just automatic.

Oz Konar:                            It’s just automatic. Gets to the point of just rinse and repeat, right? You get a number of leads, some of them will turn into super high quality leads you’ll fund today, some of them will be funded next week, next month, all you’re doing is building that massive pipeline that keeps coming back. I think people get stuck on this idea of how the others would see themselves when they meet them for the first time, but the reality is people are usually thinking of their own problems. They’re looking for a solution, a business owner who needs funding, they don’t necessarily go dig you up and look to see how much experience you have. It’s all about how you position, how you present yourself, and I think one of the things that you did greatly, and a bunch of other members did is you just set the foundation to the right way so that way it doesn’t leave any room for any questions, and became a true consultant by being upfront and telling them what you can or you can’t do.

Oz Konar:                            You gotta be realistic sometimes, but that doesn’t change the size of the opportunity. There is a huge segment of the market who needs funding, and they’re not getting that much help from the traditional banking system.

Danny Kellas:                     Yeah. To go back to what you said, there’s a lot of these people that I’ve dealt with that if I was trying to sell them hard and not just be upfront with them and more of a consultant, I just treat them like people, like they’re my friends. That’s just how I do business. People really do appreciate that. They really do.

Oz Konar:                            We have a ton of people who’ve come through my YouTube channel and other sources, and they have questions in their minds, so what would you, what would your biggest recommendation be for someone whose kind of on the fence about either joining the program or starting the industry, what would you tell them?

Danny Kellas:                     All I can do is tell my experience and basically what I’ve done but, I would just say that the investment is very minimal for what the possible return can be for any of us that have signed up. On top of that, there is no get rich quick, but this is, I believe, that this is a foundation in a program that if anyone wants to, and they’re committed, that they can become successful and then just, like you said, rinse and repeat and just scale your business.

Danny Kellas:                     When I start making more sales, that’s what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna scale my business, I’m going to bring in other options to increase my revenue, by [inaudible 00:11:43].

Oz Konar:                            Absolutely. That’s what it comes down to. What is one thing that you liked the most about the training so far that you received from me and the program?

Danny Kellas:                     The training is very simple. It’s literally, what is it, one through 30, or one through 31, right? It’s 31 videos, they’re all in a category and you watch one, you go to the next one, they’re all aligned. You’ve designed it to where they’re in order on purpose. You need to go through those in order to set up your account and go to the next step. It was very obvious to me that you did that in a way that was very beneficial to someone starting out. Certain things you do first, before you ever start anything else, so I appreciated that.

Danny Kellas:                     Outside of the training, the group that we have on Facebook, the Facebook group the cash … wI’m sorry.

Oz Konar:                            No, it’s okay.

Danny Kellas:                     The people on there are awesome. I’ve made some really good friends, but everyone in that group … I’ve not seen one person that’s not willing to help and that’s not positive.

Oz Konar:                            I think that’s the biggest asset that I’m really, really proud of. The training is great, but I think we hand picked amazing people and built a community of individuals who are so positive and everyone is just … they go out of their way and I know members who jump on the phone to other members to help them out. Obviously there’s no financial interest to them, they’re just doing that. The rest of the industry thinks that this is super competitive. They would hide from each other. We have the total opposites going on, so I am so happy for that.

Danny Kellas:                     Yeah. I don’t know how you did that Oz. I don’t know how you created it. I really don’t. I don’t know how you created a group of people, or gathered a group of people like that, that they’re all so like-minded and positive and willing to help. I don’t know. I think it’s rare, especially in the industry that we’re in.

Oz Konar:                            Especially in this industry is right, and it’s design … I’m not surprised that it is that way, because honestly to this day, if someone wants to join the training, I still talk to them in person. For example, today. Besides the agency stuff, our agency part of the business is almost fully automated. It doesn’t need my overseeing that much, but the program I had about 12 meetings today, and the purpose of the meetings is not to sell the program, it’s for me to filter people. I literally declined three people. They wanted to pay, I didn’t let them in because you have a really good community and if I feel like someone’s intention is not in the right place, or that a little pushy sales person a little sleazy, I don’t let them in. I think that’s one way that we accomplish what we accomplished so far.

Danny Kellas:                     I would say that would probably be it, because I don’t know, I’ve been really surprised in a good way.

Oz Konar:                            Yeah, that’s definitely great to hear that you’re noticing that too. Any other last thoughts before we wrap it up. I don’t wanna keep you long. I know you’re a very busy gentleman and your family’s looking forward to spending time with you.

Danny Kellas:                     Yeah, I’ve got my little two year old boy, he follows me everywhere and he’s been dying to get in this room ever since I came in.

Oz Konar:                            Awesome, yeah.

Danny Kellas:                     No, I think I’ve said a lot, but just that for all the people that are already doing it that might watch this video, if it’s in the group or whatnot, or for anyone that’s thinking about it. We all start at the same place if we’re new to it. We all know Danial [Diaz 00:15:47] is part of our group and he’s very successful.

Oz Konar:                            Superstar, yeah.

Danny Kellas:                     He said something the other day on Facebook I saw that was just … it was incredible because he’s very successful now, but he made a comment, he said, “I didn’t start on top, I started at the bottom.”

Oz Konar:                            Yeah.

Danny Kellas:                     I don’t know, what is he, is he five years into the business, this industry?

Oz Konar:                            Yeah. Five years and he’s tried pretty much everything once until he decided that the way to go is to do online, otherwise for him, I think he broke 50 thousand dollars in commission last month, right? I know companies, in order for them to get to that level, they probably would need to have five, six people on the floor, an office, overhead, and things like that, and they would be super miserable because their team is dialing thousands of people every single day. He’s a father, he works from home, and he’s able to accomplish it by himself by using the same strategies that you’re using, and all the other people. Yeah, that guy’s one amazing dude and he doesn’t mind, I’m sure basically he doesn’t mind helping others too.

Danny Kellas:                     Oh, he doesn’t. He’s been big help to me. I said all that just to make the point that I think he would agree that he didn’t start on top-

Oz Konar:                            No.

Danny Kellas:                     And none of us do, but he’s an example that if you are determined and you’ll put the work and the time in and you stick with it, that could be the end result. That’s the example right there.

Oz Konar:                            Amen. I can’t disagree with that. Listen Danny, thanks so much again. I really appreciate your time. I know you had a long day, so I’ll let you go. [crosstalk 00:17:38] great to have you in the program, and great to meet you as individual, so I guess I’ll see you soon at the [Mastermind 00:17:44] event. I’m looking forward to spending more time with you. All right?

Danny Kellas:                     Yep, looking forward to meeting you in person, and everybody else. I appreciate it.

Oz Konar:                            Take care buddy. Talk to you later.

Danny Kellas:                     You too. Bye.

Oz Konar:                            Bye, bye.