[Success Story] How Mike is building his dream business – Merchant Cash Advance

Speaker 1:           Next question is, obviously you recently joined Merchant Cash Advance Training program, and you’re having a lot of success, and so far I think you’re really active in the program. What would you say about the training that I put together to someone who might not really know about it yet?

Speaker 2:           Can tell you this, what you have put together as far as the information, and the knowledge that is needed to be able to take the first step is there. And another thing that I’m very impressed with is that you’re always trying to improve because just recently you came out and said we’re gonna be making some changes to the training platform, which I think is great because what I’ve seen from you for the last three to four weeks that we’ve known each other, I know you care about the people, and that’s what counts. Also, to where we as budding consultants can excel above the competition.

Speaker 1:           I appreciate it, thanks so much. There’s always room for improvement, we can never rest on our laurels and say, “Hey, we’ve done the best we can do,” right? That’s never enough, because everything is changing. It’s an evolutionary process, either you change, or you die. There’s a constant change and it’s our job to stay with that.

Speaker 1:           What would you say to someone who wants to do this, but they’re maybe on the fence about joining the program, they’re thinking about it. What would your recommendation be to those people?

Speaker 2:           Something that I’ve known, ever since I started back in ’82, but one thing that you really bring out, what is your why?

Speaker 1:           Oh, wow, great point.

Speaker 2:           Really. It has to start there. If it doesn’t start there then basically, I feel, it’s gonna be like a hamster running on a cage wheel, and you’re never gonna get to the destination. You gotta identify the why.

Speaker 1:           And for each person it could be different, and even on the calls that I have with people, and I remind them, “Listen, this is not about me, this is about you.” I do what I do, it satisfies me, but on your end, if we were able to fast forward this moment to five years, would you be in a different place than where you are right now, because of the decisions that you make today.

Speaker 2:           Oh yeah, definitely.

Speaker 1:           If you don’t think that you’re gonna be at a better place, because you’re staying where you are, how do you feel about that? Because, sometimes there are moments in people’s lives that are really transformative. A small enough decision that you make can make a two degree difference in your life, but if you fast forward those two degrees, the divergence becomes 80 degrees five years from now, and it lands in a totally different spot, either positively or negatively. It could be that you started drinking one beer a night, then you start repeating, and repeating it after two months, you cannot go to sleep without drinking, then fast forward five years, you have a drinking problem. Same thing with other things.

Speaker 1:           You built the right habits five years from now, with those right habits, you’re not making 50 grand, you’re making half a million dollars, have a better lifestyle. It could be your health. It works with anything, you’re definitely right. It is a great  Merchant Cash Advance Training system for the right person, as long as they know that they’re clear on why they’re doing this. It can’t be just, “Hey, I wanna make more money.” Well, yeah, everyone wants to make more money, that’s not a real why. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t want to make money, there’s so many vehicles to make that money, but it’s just why you’re doing what you’re doing, and is this the right vehicle? I think that’s the main question.

Speaker 1:           Anything else you want to add before we wrap up?

Speaker 2:           I would just like to say just a couple of things, and, of course I’m looking for your feedback, but one thing is that we’re all different, and each one of us is going to be taking one step at a time moving forward, and one of the things that you bring out that I think is very important, don’t be worried about imperfection. Because imperfection is proving, when you get imperfect results, it is proving that you’re taking the steps to work towards those perfect results.

Speaker 1:           Absolutely.

Speaker 2:           And it takes knowledge. Another recommendation I would make, get knowledgeable. I would say to the people to get knowledgeable, go read a few blogs here and there. Get a little bit of knowledge about the industry that we’re in. And I think that would be invaluable, also pay attention to what’s going on around you with other people. Pay attention to what’s going on in the group, comments that are being made and things like that, because people that are in the group had the same dream, and maybe the same type of vision that I do. And anything I can do to help them move forward, what it’s gonna do is, it’s gonna make the industry better, it’s gonna make the aspect of the title of being a consultant instead of a salesman better, and you’re gonna beat the competition every time.

Speaker 1:           You touched on a great point. I think we’re building a great community of people, while the other people out there focus so much on the competition, they steal deals from each other, and they keep repeating that this is so competitive, people are gonna take our deals, and things like that. As a community, we’re helping each other out. That amazes me, and I’m so respectful of the people in the community.

Speaker 1:           Just like you said, there is enough opportunity for everyone out there. When you think about it, the number of clients you need to reach the financial goal, whether it’s half a million, a million, it is not a lot. We’re not in a business that you need to sell to half a million people to be able to make this much revenue. If you built a small enough client base, that just could be enough for that to feed you for the rest of your life with the referrals you get, and the additional needs that they have.

Speaker 1:           I’m just so happy that together as a group we’re building this community, and I’m definitely thankful that you took your time today to join me. I appreciate it, thanks so much for doing this.