Local Marketing Stars Client Review- One Source Financing

Luigi:                      Here at One Source Financing, we try to be a one-stop shop for financing for small and medium businesses. We try to spend a lot of time with our clients to really understand what about financing that they need, whether it’s a term loan, an SBA, it could be financing, or in case they need cash really fast, we can set them up with a cash advance. We really try to take a holistic approach to our offering where we try to give our clients a path where they start with maybe a more expensive product and over time we coach them and help them to get eventually to the top of financing, and the cusp of financing, that they’re hoping for.

Luigi:                      Prior to you guys, we really didn’t do any structured marketing. We were buying some leads online. We were calling UCC s. We were doing a lot of cold calling, and results were really not that great, and we missed completely on the organic development of our reputation, and organic growth or organic generation of leads until we met you guys, and you guys spend the time to really explain what was the advantage, or really the benefit of investing time and resources to create a brand, a [thread 00:01:34] of some presence online, to engage potential customers, and we’ve enjoyed it, and we saw some results. Better than what we experienced just buying leads.

Luigi:                      I would not buy data. I would not buy leads. I would try to generate leads. I would start slow. I would start developing the online presence. I’ll try to get involved in as many forums or groups as possible. I would try to promote myself and the company first, and build come confidence in the public to reach out to us and ask for our help. Again, we spent a lot of money buying data and leads online. First thing, that data and those leads are sold to multiple people at the same time, so when you call those clients the client will say “Well this is the 16th time that people called me today, offered me capital.” That problem does not happen when you generate your own leads. So especially in the beginning, when people are getting started and budget is very tight, I would use the resources to really develop the brand and the online presence.

Luigi:                      Unfortunately people want to start big, and they want to put big numbers on the board from the get-go. It doesn’t work, at least in our … we learned the lesson that the hard way is better. Small, slow and steady. It’s just throwing all your money, all your resources, trying to come off strong, off the gate, because when you’re paying $60, $70 a lead and you have a closing ratio of maybe two, three percent-

Speaker 2:           Yeah.

Luigi:                      … you really don’t make any money.

Luigi:                      I appreciated and liked the multi-prong approach that you guys offer. Taking care of all the social media platforms, generating leads that are done directly, and I liked the leads. I liked the results that I was getting. And I also liked that I was you guys always very available, every time I send an email, within 10 minutes I will get a reply. There was never any hesitations to show and explaining that it was you guys were doing. One of the major reasons why I never engaged any other marketing company in the past was because most of them are a black box. They want you to pay a fee, and then you’re supposed to wait and see what happens.

Luigi:                      You guys have no problem to give me access to accounts, what [app 00:04:25] to follow, how the money was spent, what’s done, how the app look like. You told me a lot of ideas, and advises, pointing out mistakes that I was making. So it’s more than just a marketing company, it’s like having your own marketing department in house, where they really care what you’re doing. They definitely care about your well being, and they also give you ideas on how to get better.

Luigi:                      Honesty, integrity,-

Speaker 2:           Yep.

Luigi:                      … and loyalty. One problem that we see that really creates a lot of time wasting for everybody is progress that they’ll send as a deal, at the same time to other five companies. What happens, there’ll be five, six companies working on the same file, calling the clients at the same time. That causes a lot of frustration for the client, for the lenders, and all time wasted.